Concordia Institute



The Concordia Institute Committee, in coordination with the North Dakota Chapter of HFMA and Concordia College, is responsible for planning and conducting the Chapter's annual Spring Institute. The Committee is responsible for assuring that the seminar topics meet the needs and interests of the membership. The Committee must also evaluate the Institute relative to HFMA traditions and practices.


A. Plan, develop, market and conduct the annual Spring Institute. The Institute should include at
                      least one and one half days of educational
programming, which is innovative, professional, 
                      high-quality, relevant to 
current events, and based on the needs and interests of Chapter
The Institute must be planned according the financial budget approved by the 
                      Chapter Board.

B. Coordinate the programming with the Vice President of Education to comply with Davis Chapter
                     Management scoring requirements and to offer
a balanced educational opportunity to the

C. Provide detailed registrant information subsequent to the Institute to the Chapter Secretary to
                     facilitate Davis Chapter Management and Founder's
Award scoring.

D. Complete the monitoring and evaluation of the Institute and communicate the results to the Vice
                     President of Education.

E. Provide a stimulating environment that promotes classroom learning, member networking and 
                     recreational opportunities.

F. Attract potential members who may be involved with complimentary professional organizations
                     and other facets of the healthcare delivery

G. Offer students in the Health Care Administration Program at Concordia College networking
                     opportunities with Chapter members.


Kim Aagard -